How Impossible Bottles Are Made

These are the real deal

All true impossible bottles are made with unmodified bottles, they are not tampered with in any way, i.e. not heated, cut, bent, glued etc. The contents of our bottles are fully custom made. We start with wooden frame molding cut to length to suit your chosen bottle style. Your photo is printed and cut to suit your frame. The frame is complete with all hardware, hanging wire and V nails in the corners.

Not Everyone Knows How to Make an Impossible Bottle

It’s fair to say that there are only a handful of craftsmen and women across the World who can make quality impossible bottles and as far as we know we are the only ones making them with a wooden framed photo or clock.

Each One is Handmade


Attention to Detail

Patience is definitely a bonus when working within the confines of a bottle. After many years of experimenting and research with the process we can now offer you a unique personalised art piece.

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