Image of Grant Wicks, The Bottleologist - with his Impossible Bottles

Hello, my name is Grant Wicks, “The Bottleologist” – creator of Impossible Objects.

Why Impossible Bottles?

My journey with impossible bottles began over fifteen years ago. The initial challenge involved a simple boxed deck of cards. Soon thereafter, I successfully replicated the feat with the sealed cellophane wrapper intact. This early success fueled experimentation with diverse objects, resulting in bottles containing scissors, padlocks, tennis balls, and coins.

While these creations showcased the versatility of the impossible bottle format, I yearned to imbue them with a personal touch and explore uncharted territory. The desire to push boundaries led me to a novel concept: a framed photograph nestled within a bottle. Armed with this vision, I procured the necessary materials from a local art and framing shop.

Persistence and Innovation

The path to success, however, demanded unwavering persistence and unconventional thinking. It necessitated a shift in perspective – from the traditional “outside-the-box” approach to a unique “inside-the-bottle” mentality. Through this mental metamorphosis and countless hours of dedicated practice over the following decade, I meticulously refined my technique and the very essence of the product. This unwavering commitment has allowed me to achieve the exceptional standards that define my work today.

Moreover, its more than just a gift, a Bottleologist creation serves as a portal to a moment. Birthdays, weddings, graduations, retirements – every milestone deserves a piece of eternity. Picture the warmth of your family gathered, or the triumph of a hard-won victory. How about your pet’s playful grin, all preserved within a bottle, captivating hearts and igniting wonder.

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Now, I’m ready to share ‘The Bottleologist’ creations with the world. I’m looking forward to creating many more personalised impossible bottles in the future. To continuing to have happy and mesmerised customers across the globe. Check out our great range in our shop here.

For more information on Impossible Bottles and their history check out this page on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impossible_bottle