Image of Grant Wicks, The Bottleologist - with his Impossible Bottles

Hello, my name is Grant Wicks, “The Bottleologist” – creator of Impossible Bottles.

Why Impossible Bottles?

I have been making impossible bottles for well over ten years. The first one I made had a boxed deck of cards in it.

This soon progressed to a boxed deck of cards in its sealed cellophane wrapper, and subsequently, I experimented with other objects, creating bottles containing:

  • scissors
  • padlocks
  • tennis balls
  • coins.

These were great to showcase the many items that can appear to be impossible to get inside a bottle. They unfortunately lacked a personal touch. One day, I had the idea of putting a framed photo inside a bottle. Off to the local art and framing shop I went. I returned home with materials needed to construct a photo frame.

Persistence and Patience

After much experimenting and lateral thinking (I had to think inside the bottle, not outside the box). I had success with making my first personalised impossible bottle. I’ve spent countless hours over the next ten years to improve and refine the product and my skill. This allows me to achieve the high standard that exists today.

Moreover, its more than just a gift, a Bottleologist creation serves as a portal to a moment. Birthdays, weddings, graduations, retirements – every milestone deserves a piece of eternity. Picture the warmth of your family gathered, or the triumph of a hard-won victory. How about your pet’s playful grin, all preserved within a bottle, captivating hearts and igniting wonder.

Buy Online Today

Now, I’m ready to share ‘The Bottleologist’ creations with the world. I’m looking forward to creating many more personalised impossible bottles in the future. To continuing to have happy and mesmerised customers across the globe. Check out our great range in our shop here.

For more information on Impossible Bottles and their history check out this page on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impossible_bottle