My wife can be quite hard to buy presents for. After I got a bottle with a photo of our kids in it for our anniversary she was lost for words. Staring at it for about 10 seconds before she said “how did you…..where did…..how did you…..I love it!”. Success! Thank you Thebottleologist. We have it on display in our kitchen and when guests see it they have the same reaction.

Joe Plozza

“What a special (and clever) gift Grant creates! We love showing people and watching them trying to work out how he makes it happen. Love it”

Jane Overeem

” A special bottle to put a memory in, Grants bottles are a fantastic gift that is different to the normal, elegant and very clever, his pain staking work to get the pictures in the bottles is amazing, Grant has made 3 of his bottle art for me, two as gifts and one for myself, I love them, always a talking point when people see them.”

Shane Barbour.

I was lucky indeed, to be gifted my photo in a bottle. What an amazing talent! This is the perfect gift! I love mine. 


Want to buy something different for yourself, or as a gift for that special someone? We love our bottleologist photo in a bottle. Still can’t work out how it’s done, but brought us so much pleasure. 

Mathew & Julie

Love your work, great gift and keepsake.

Tony Simons

Beautiful, will treasure it forever, fabulous gift!

Margaret Smith