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Beach at Sunset Bottle Clock, The perfect Wedding present.

The Bottleologist – We put your framed photo in a bottle

We specialise in creating a unique personalised gift that can be used for occasions such as birthdays, weddings, engagements, graduation, retirement, or sporting achievements etc.

It’s a perfect keepsake, to remember special times, events, pets or people.

Our impossible bottles are not only great in the home, but also in the office, mancave or bar and the only limitation is your imagination.

What is an impossible bottle?

An ‘Impossible Bottle’ is a bottle that contains an object that appears too large to go into the bottle. All bottles remain in their original state throughout the process! They are not tampered with in any way, i.e. not heated, cut, bent, glued etc. (Impossible Bottle Clocks do have a hole drilled in the rear) Our frame is complete with all hardware, hanging wire and V nails in the corners.

We have been making personalised ‘impossible bottles’ for over 10 years and specialise in making these unique bottles that contain a framed photo supplied by the customer. There are happy Bottleologist customers in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Indonesia, Italy, Switzerland and the USA.

Ordering your personalised impossible bottle can be done in two ways:

Order from our online shop. Where you upload and crop your photo.

Email us at info@thebottleologist.com with your request and photo.

Orders are normally dispatched within a week but sometimes can take up to three weeks.

If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@thebottleologist.com